Best Deal In Margarita Machine Rentals

At Margarita Monkey, we provide you with the best possible deal on your frozen drink machine rental in Dallas. For the price that most companies charge you for just one mix, we provide you with TWO. This means that you get up to 10 gallons of frozen drinks. It also allows you to serve two different flavors if you wish. Serve a traditional margarita with a hard lemonade or a bellini, etc. You could also choose to save money on alcohol and serve one drink in non alcoholic form. The choice is up to you.

I addition to TWO drink mixes, you also get a commercial dual bowl margarita machine with fast freeze technology, an attractive cart with skirt, cups, straws and salt or sugar as needed. It is the best deal in Dallas. Give us a call at 972-407-1205 to reserve your machine today.

Why Choose Dual Bowl Machines?

Many companies tell you that you need those old fashioned bulky bar machines but this is not true. Dual bowl machines have several advantages. Here are just a few.

  • They freeze more mix at a time.
    Bar machines freeze faster because they freeze only about one gallon of mix at a time. Our machines take a few minutes longer to freeze but they freeze 6 gallons of mix at a time.
  • You get two flavors.
    To get two flavors with the other machines, you must rent two machines. This is expensive and takes up a lot of room.
  • They are cleaner.
    Our machines are easier to take apart and sanitize. Bar machines are not designed to be cleaned daily and are difficult to take apart. Is that rental company cleaning them properly or just rinsing them out between uses.
  • They are easier to move around.
    Our machines weight a little less and are easier and safer to move around. At over 100 pounds, they are not cheap lightweights but they are more mobile than the old fashioned machines allowing us to set them up in more locations.

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