Looking for a margarita machine for your next party or event? If so, you need to call on Margarita Monkey of Dallas. We always deliver the best in frozen drink machine rentals to make your party a compete success. We deliver clean, commercial quality machines on time and have very competitive rates. In addition, we always provide two drink mixes for the price of one. Why settle for just one mix when you can serve your guests two flavors of drinks for the same price? Ready to schedule a rental? Give us a call at 972-407-1205 or visit our main Dallas margarita rental website to schedule a rental online. It couldn’t be easier.

What is included?

You might be wondering what exactly you get for your rental dollar. The answer is just about everything. All that you need to provide is the alcohol. We deliver a commercial dual chamber margarita machine, a cart, skirt, umbrella, two drink mixes, cups and straws. We even provide salt or sugar for margaritas. We drop off the machine before your party and return to pick it up after your event. We clean it after every rental so you do not need to lift a finger.

Why Choose Margarita Monkey of Dallas?

  • Clean Commercial Quality Machines
    Our machines are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each rental. The design of our machines allows them to be completely disassembled for complete cleaning.
  • Dual Bowl Design
    Get two different flavors of mix for one low price. Not everyone likes margaritas so this gives you the power to serve a hard lemonade or maybe a peach bellini.
  • Fast freezing design.
    Our machines freeze the entire mix in about 45 minutes. This gives you 6 gallons of mix ready to go. Those huge bar machines achieve faster freeze times because they only freeze about a gallon at a time.
  • Courteous Delivery
    Uniformed delivery drivers will deliver your machine on time and show you how to operate the machine. You will not be afraid to let our clean cut and uniformed drivers into your home.